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Always Fresh


Welcome! We are a locally-owned family farm that strives to provide the best quality pecans at a competitive price. We primarily sell locally but we offer limited shipping of our product to allowable states. We have 80 acres of what we consider to be the finest pecans in Kentucky. Try us out, we think you will agree! 



Kight’s Pecan Orchard was planted in 1984 by its founder Roby Kight and family.  Roby grew up in southeast Missouri where fresh, native pecans were plentiful.  When he moved to Kentucky, he found that good pecans were hard to come by and thus became his mission–to provide fresh, quality pecans to folks that were used to getting an old, dark, rancid product shipped into the area from other states. Roby always said, “Once you taste a fresh, golden pecan, you’ll never be satisfied with anything less!"

Buy Local 

We encourage customers to buy locally when possible.  This helps support the small family farms and businesses and reduces shipping expenses.  We try to offer the freshest product available at a competitive price.  We have also included some of the West Kentucky area locations on this page that offer our products.  Please support them also.  Prices may vary.


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